Useful information about the Müritz national park

The land of 1000 lakes is an unforgettable experience whatever the season. Far away from the daily hustle and bustle, the veritable treasures of the area are its stillness, wide-open spaces and sheer originality. The rustic forests and lakes, the wide meadows, the moors and the expanse of the landscape - with its gentle hills, formed more than 10,000 years ago by the elemental forces of the Ice Age - let you truly feel the power and yet the quirkiness of nature.

In the Müritz National Park alone there are 107 bodies of water with a size of more than one hectare and it is one of the most attractive landscapes you will ever experience. The headwaters of the Havel and its upper course, which is reminiscent of a string of pearls, are a standout feature of the park. Springs in the Müritz National Park often consist of entire lakes - or, as in the case of the Havel, swamps where the groundwater seeps to the surface. A large section of the east bank of the Müritz, measuring 500 metres by 10 kilometres, belongs to the protected National Park area.

Here you will find imposing beeches, the seldom-seen cotton grass, wild orchids, the water lily paradise or carnivorous plants such as sundew and butterwort. Sometimes silence and sometimes birdsong - the senses indulge, clear, clean air whistles through the nostrils. Sea eagles and ospreys breed here, thousands of cranes rest in autumn and rare orchids bloom in summer. The creaking of the old oaks, the call of the bittern, the buzzing of the dragonflies, the love concert of the moor frogs or the trumpeting of the cranes, accompanied by the autumnal bellowing of the red deer, radiate the utter uniqueness of this setting. Visitors can experience nature up close in the murmur of the swaying sea of ​​reeds, or in the whisper of the wind in the branches of centuries-old trees. Be one with this primeval territory.

Photo enthusiast

The photo enthusiast will find an unbelievable wealth of motifs. Huge forests, enchanted moors, meadows and countless idyllic lakes, both large and small; the eyes of the landscape in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District. They invite the visitor to dream on romantic paths, to immerse themselves in a unique world and to unwind in the great outdoors.

Experience nature

When the spring forest awakens with its light green leaves on the deciduous trees, the wood anemone dances in the mild wind and dozens of songbirds chirp, it's time to immerse yourself in a piece of nature that really has everything.

The shady forest with its clean, clear air is an uplifting place to relax. Especially in summer. Can you imagine the refreshing feeling of bathing in a forest lake or being accompanied by a shimmering kingfisher on a canoe tour?

The seductive autumnal scent of wood, moss, mushrooms and earth allows us to fully enjoy the forest on a cycle tour or hike. Many animals also become particularly active at this time, you can experience the rut of the red and fallow deer or the gathering of thousands of cranes here in the national park.

We can enjoy the silence of the forest, especially in the snowy winter wood with its clear, cold air and a bright blue sky. But is the forest really as quiet as it seems? When walking through the bare woodland you can find many photo opportunities of the most diverse flora and fauna.